Low Impact Development Design Competition

Registration Form

All fields on this Registration Form must be completed, except as indicated. Please mail, scan and e-mail, or fax this completed form to the address indicated below. Registration Forms must be received no later than midnight Saturday, October 31, 2009.
This is a two-stage competition. Stage one judging will be carried out by a panel of Expert Judges. Based on their scoring, finalists will be determined. Finalists must present their projects at the Finals Event and Awards Program using the format described on the competition website.
Competition Calendar
September 1, 2009     Registration Opens. Competition begins.
October 31, 2009        Registration closes.
December 14, 2009    Entry submittals must be received by 4:00 PM. Competition ends.
January 11, 2010         Finalists announced.
January 27, 2009         Finals Event and Awards Program
Important Information

Each team must have at least one member that is verifiably based in the Houston area. This member must be one of the required design professionals.

Team composition minimum requirements as listed in the design competition guidelines must be met by all teams.

  • The sponsors will answer questions regarding competition regulations or project requirements at the following moderated forum website, http://groups.google.com/group/hlwsf-lid-design-competition. All matters not covered on the competition website or this moderated forum are left to the discretion of the entrants.
  • Travel expenses and all other expenses related to participation in this competition are the sole responsibility of the entrants.
  • Competition entries must not infringe the copyright of any other work, either in whole or in part. Do not use images from magazines, books, or web sites. If a copyright infringement is found, the entry will be disqualified.
  • Entries will not be returned. If required, make copies for your own use before submitting your entry.
  • Failure to follow any of the competition rules will result in disqualification.
  • Cash prize winners will be required to provide the HLWSF with their Social Security or other Tax ID number at the time of the award (this is required by the IRS).

Permission Form for Textual and Visual Works

  • For good and valuable consideration, the sufficiency and exchange of which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned hereby grants to the Houston Land/Water Sustainability Forum (“HLWSF”) a non-exclusive license to use the work identified herein and submitted in connection with the Low Impact Development Design Competition identified above, including all text, brochures, drawings, photographs, graphics, plans, slides, books, transparencies or other copyrightable material (“Work”), as follows:
  • The license permits the HLWSF to use the Work, to reproduce, crop or resize it; to display it publicly; and to distribute it worldwide in all media now known or hereafter devised, including the internet, without payment of any royalty or license fee in connection with the announcement of awards, if any, and the promotion of the design competition program identified above.
  • The undersigned acknowledges that all copies of the Work submitted in connection with an entry in the design competition program identified above shall remain the property of HLWSF, but that the copyright to the Work is NOT transferred to the HLWSF or to any sponsor or donor to the design competition program. The HLWSF agrees to include in reproductions of the Work a reasonable copyright notice and credit, provided that the necessary copyright and credit information are provided in writing to the HLWSF.
  • By submitting this Permission Form for Textual and Visual Works, the undersigned represents that s/he has obtained all permissions that s/he believes are necessary to grant the license granted by this Form and that the use or reproduction of the Work by the HLWSF as permitted by this Form shall not, to the best of his/her knowledge, information and belief, infringe or violate any other entity’s copyrights.
  • The undersigned hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the HLWSF from and against all claims and damages arising out of a breach of the foregoing representations.

Team Members
This Registration Form must identify and bear the signatures of at least two of the required team members at the time it is submitted. All other team members must be identified at the time your entry is submitted. An individual is only allowed to compete on one team in each design challenge category
NOTE:  Member 1 will be the default contact for communications from the HLWSF LID Design Competition Subcommittee
Member 1:         Name _____________________________________________________
Occupation _________________________________________________
Employer __________________________________________________
Address ____________­_______________________________________
Email ______________________________________________________
Signature ______________________________ Date _______________
Member 2:         Name _____________________________________________________
(If known)               Occupation _________________________________________________
Employer __________________________________________________
Address ____________­­­­_______________________________________
Email ______________________________________________________
Signature ______________________________ Date _______________
Member 3:         Name _____________________________________________________
(If known)               Occupation _________________________________________________
Employer __________________________________________________
Address ___________­­­­­­________________________________________
Email ______________________________________________________
Signature ______________________________ Date _______________
Member 4:         Name _____________________________________________________
(If known)               Occupation _________________________________________________
Employer __________________________________________________
Address ____________­­­­­_______________________________________
Email ______________________________________________________
Signature ______________________________ Date _______________
Member 5:         Name _____________________________________________________
(If known)               Occupation _________________________________________________
Employer __________________________________________________
Address ____________­­­­­­_______________________________________
Email ______________________________________________________
Signature ______________________________ Date _______________
Member 6:         Name _____________________________________________________
(If known)               Occupation _________________________________________________
Employer __________________________________________________
Address ____________­­­­­­_______________________________________
Email ______________________________________________________
Signature ______________________________ Date ________________
Please add an additional page if needed to indentify additional Team Members
Design Challenge Category
□      Suburban Residential
□      Urban Re-Development
□      Green Roadway
NOTE:  Design Challenge Category for this entry MUST be selected
Cost for entry is $250 per team per category and may be paid by either check or credit card and submitted in with the Registration Form. Checks are to be made out to AIA Houston - LID
NAME AS IT APPEARS ON THE CARD __________________________
TYPE OF CARD_________________  CID (3 or 4 digits) ______________
CREDIT CARD NO. _________________________________________
EXPIRATION DATE _________________________________________
(Authorizing charge of $250)

Mail Registration To:       Houston Land Water Sustainability Forum
Attn: Robert Adair
1930 Aldine Western Rd.
Houston, TX  77038
Email Registration To:     adair@ecosvs.com
Fax Registration To:        832.456.1010

Upon acceptance of this Registration, an Identifying Number will be provided to the team. This number must be placed on ALL materials submitted, including the first page of the electronic submission, and on any and all correspondence. No other indentifying marks are allowable.

Competition Submittals
All entries must be received no later than 4:00 PM, Monday, December 14, 2009 at the following address:

Houston Land/Water Sustainability Forum
C/O  AIA-Houston
315 Capitol, Suite 120
Houston, TX  77002

  • The electronic portion of the submittal must be provided on a single CD-ROM or USB drive.
  • Other information, such as identification of additional team members must be placed in a sealed envelope with the teams Identifying Number prominently displayed on the outside.
  • Competition Submittals must include a complete listing (including all information requested above, and signature) of all team members not indicated on this Form.


See the Competition website www.houstonLWSforum.org for full details.